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2016 NC Elections

last updated edited Feb, 8th 2017 - the site is very much out of date

This page allows you to view the North Carolina House and Senate for 2015. Information in the table below shows candidates for all the North Carolina General Assembly races for this election cycle. Incumbents are included and denoted as such.

Keep in mind that this information is a work in progress, and due to the nature of election data, some material maybe incorrect or out of date. However, we do our best to provide accurate information for all the candidates. This page only displays the candidate information for the 2014 election cycle. The NC State Primary Election was held on May 6th, 2014. This information will be out of date after the results of the NC General Election.

The North Carolina General Election was held on: November 4th, 2014. For more information on elections and voter registration rules please visit the NC Board of Elections website (   

District Name Statussort descending
hd5 Howard Hunter III Dem Incumbent
hd7 Bobbie Richardson Dem Incumbent
hd11 Duane Hall Dem Incumbent
hd12 George Graham Dem Incumbent
hd18 Susi H. Hamilton Dem Incumbent
hd21 Larry M. Bell Dem Incumbent
hd22 William D. Brisson Dem Incumbent
hd23 Shelly Willingham Dem Incumbent
hd24 Jean Farmer Butterfield Dem Incumbent
hd27 Michael H. Wray Dem Incumbent
hd29 Larry D. Hall Dem Incumbent
hd30 Paul Luebke Dem Incumbent
hd31 Henry M. Michaux Jr. Dem Incumbent
hd32 Nathan Baskerville Dem Incumbent
hd33 Rosa U. Gill Dem Incumbent
hd34 Grier Martin Dem Incumbent
hd38 Yvonne Lewis Holley Dem Incumbent
hd39 Darren G. Jackson Dem Incumbent
hd41 Gale Adcock Dem Incumbent
hd42 Marvin W. Lucas Dem Incumbent
hd43 Elmer Floyd Dem Incumbent
hd43 Elmer Floyd Dem Incumbent
hd44 Rick Glazier Dem Incumbent
hd46 Ken Waddell Dem Incumbent
hd47 Charles Graham Dem Incumbent
NCGA Senate
District Name Statussort descending
sd3 Clark Jenkins Dem Previously Served
sd3 Erica Smith Ingram Dem Incumbent
sd4 Angela R. Bryant Dem Incumbent
sd5 Don Davis Dem Incumbent
sd8 Ernie Ward Dem Previously Ran (never served)
sd9 Elizabeth Redenbaugh Dem Previously Ran (never served)
sd13 Jane W. Smith Dem Incumbent
sd14 Daniel T. Blue Jr. Dem Incumbent
sd16 Joshua H. Stein Dem Incumbent
sd18 Sarah R. Crawford Dem Previously Ran (never served)
sd19 Billy Richardson Dem Previously Ran (never served)
sd20 Floyd B. McKissick Jr. Dem Incumbent
sd21 Ben Clark Dem Incumbent
sd22 J. Michael Woodard Dem Incumbent
sd23 Valerie P. Foushee Dem Incumbent
sd26 William E. Osborne Dem Previously Ran (never served)
sd28 Gladys A. Robinson Dem Incumbent
sd30 Eva P. Ingle Dem Previously Ran (never served)
sd31 John K. Motsinger Sr. Dem Previously Ran (never served)
sd32 Earline W. Parmon Dem Previously Served
sd34 Constance L. Johnson Dem Previously Ran (never served)
sd37 Jeff Jackson Dem Incumbent
sd38 Joel D. Ford Dem Incumbent
sd40 Joyce D. Waddell Dem Incumbent
sd41 Latrice A. McRae Dem Previously Ran (never served)