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NCGOP power grab buried in the weeds of HB44

Republicans have very little use for cities – they serve only as reservation enclaves for liberals, patio drinking, universities and other morally dubious notions.  Conservatives rule from the verdant stretches of our rural counties. 

Through a mixture of gerrymandering and public will, the rural half of the state is now firmly dominate.  The NCGOP feels so enthused from electoral victories on the state level that they, along with co-ordinated support from ALEC, are engrossed in the process of ceasing any power emanating from Washington or Orange County. 

Rep. Jacqueline Schaffer, Esquire, a “Meredith Angel” who has spent her life in the conservative bubble

By John Sanford Friedrich

Imagine a life wherein you never step foot in a public school, never watch your parent(s) smoking at the dinner table, uncertain how to pay bills and never having your values challenged. 

 If the reader can entertain all these leaps of fancy, then they will find the reality of Rep. Jacqueline Schaffer (R-105 Mecklenburg).

Sunday hunting bill seems ready to strike


By John Sanford Friedrich

“They like having a day when they don't have to worry about being hit by a stray bullet in the woods,” reported Mark Barrett for the Asheville Citizen-Times, speaking of worried hikers.  We all like to have such days, but as HB640 looks primed to launch, there will be no guaranteed times one can expect not to be shot.

Shushing the voice of the impotent with anti-graffiti bill

By John Sanford Friedrich

 Graffiti has marred concrete walls from Raleigh to the Roman Republic.  ‘Tags’ affront our eyes like barely decipherable ideograms, an untaught visual creole from the urban jungle. HB552 seeks to make these spontaneous acts of artful property defacement a special felony.

Per countless square inch, graffiti is by and large nothing but eye trash, often comprised of phalluses and nonsense. Other acts of spray painting serve as the only or best artwork to be seen for blocks around, using unused concrete walls. 

By John Sanford Friedrich

Representative David Lewis Sr. (R-53 Harnett) knows a thing or two about low voter turnout.  While he cruised to victory in 2012 by over 10 percent, this statistic may be misleading.  He won by 4,000 votes out of a lackluster total voting public of 30,000 people.  In 2010 total participation barely scraped against 20,000. 

July 2014