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Rep. Stephen Ross, Wells Fargo’s pointman who just made it illegal for landlords to use credit unions. But at least he is a romantic.

By John Sanford Friedrich

Representative Stephen Ross (R-63 Alamance) used his experience as a Vice President at Wells Fargo to inform his policy in the N.C. statehouse, taking aim at removing credit unions from serving the landlord business.

HB511 became law on June 16 of this year with little fanfare.  Indeed the two page bill put forward by Ross does little to deserve attention – it simply makes a repeated change in the wording of tenancy statutes. 

A simple trucking bill is now a Trojan horse for Duke Power’s coal ash leaks

By John Sanford Friedrich

It is a rare day that a politician has no interest in having their name attached to a bill set to pass.  Rep. Patricia McElraft (R-13 Carteret) started as the chief and indeed sole sponsor of HB765.  This two-paragraph bill sought to clarify the types of heavy duty trucks subject to regulations aimed at preventing sand, gravel “or any similar substance that could fall, blow, leak, or sift” from falling, blowing or sifting onto the roads.

Behind the NCGOP’s autocratic putsch against the N.C. Supreme Court, in two bills

By John Friedrich

RestoreNC recently has posted about the NCGOP’s disdainful attitude toward local governments and their neutering laws to keep these organized citizens from affecting policy.  It also seems our intrepid band of plucky Raleigh Republicans have launched a two-prong effort to keep the State Supreme Court from democratic accountability and legitimacy.

Decoding the Data, Part II: A look at 2016

In the spirit of campaigns across the nation gearing up for 2016, we at RestoreNC have decided to revisit our measures of democratic performance in NCGA districts across the state.

Some time ago (in a 2013 blogpost) we detailed a methodology for calculating our Democratic Performance Indices for both the NC House and Senate.

Rep. John Torbett, a powerful man for dirtying the air and quiet anti-vaccer

By John Sanford Friedrich

HB 927 serves to shift the burden of paying for roads in odd ways.

Anyone of driving age in 2007 remembers the specter of $4 gallons of gas was hovering just past the smog choked horizon.  A combination of ‘cheap’ natural gas from fracking and geopolitical machinations between Saudi Arabia, Iran and Russia have served to depress gasoline prices and this is expected to continue for years.

By John Sanford Friedrich

Representative David Lewis Sr. (R-53 Harnett) knows a thing or two about low voter turnout.  While he cruised to victory in 2012 by over 10 percent, this statistic may be misleading.  He won by 4,000 votes out of a lackluster total voting public of 30,000 people.  In 2010 total participation barely scraped against 20,000. 

July 2014