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Rep Hugh Blackwell, free ticket to ride to ALEC but moderate as they come today

By John Sanford Friedrich

On the filing deadline for Election 2008, there was only a theoretical chance that a freshman African American senator might win the presidency.  Few were dreading the notion of North Carolina giving our 15 electoral votes to Barack Obama.

Overturning 4,000 years of debt law with SB511

By John Sanford Friedrich

If a man’s word is his bond, he can now suffer bondage without his word.  SB511, the creation of Senators Michael Lee (R-09 New Hanover) and Harry Brown (R-06 Onslow) nibbles at the foundation of all modern (and pre-modern) contract law.  Lee was appointed by his county party to fill the seat left by fellow lawyer Thom Goolsby upon his resignation.

Senator Andrew Brock, the closest thing HB765 has to a father

By John Sanford Friedrich

RestoreNC recently reported how the original sponsor Rep. Patricia McElraft (R-13 Carteret) disowned her own legislation when it was hijacked like a truck with the keys left in the ignition.  Now idling trucks are the latest beneficiaries of a bill that already seeks to keep Duke Power and other heavy industry from facing punishments for environmental infractions.