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The Simple Way Gerrymandering Fixes Elections

Unfortunately the sad state of affairs in North Carolina these days is an essentially rigged election system. It's been that way since the GOP took complete control of our state legislature in 2010. While I'll be the first to admit, there are some important caveats in play in this state and even more in each individual house and senate race, it's easy to point to the over-arching  problem of gerrymandering across the state to explain the unevenness of  recent elections in a traditionally moderate state.

Rep. Szoka has two moderate bills, but the Senate Strikes Back

By John Sanford Friedrich

A rare treat it is to have legislation that is both meaningful and bipartisan.  Rep John Szoka (R-45 Cumberland) is an early sponsor of two of these indulgences – HB245 to allow energy users to bypass Duke Power and purchase renewable energy directly from such producers and HB482 to create a new layer of state government tasked to investigate ‘missclassification’ of employees.

Bipartisan bill to increase the personal influence of legislators in the lives of their favorites

By John Sanford Friedrich

With former representative Stephen LaRoque (R-10 Lenoir) recently being sentenced to a two year prison term under corruption and embezzlement charges, it is perhaps not totally surprising that legislators took this as a warning.  Not as a warning against malfeasance but as a warning that their influence does not immunize them from the judiciary. Now they can legally use their position to influence such decisions.

Rep. Marilyn Avila, John Locke’s woman in the state house

By John Sanford Friedrich

“If it’s an undue burden for somebody to make contact five days a week to find a job, is it going to be an undue burden five days a week to go to work?” queried Rep. Marilyn Avila (R-40 Wake) in the recent debate over SB15.  The specifics of this bill are discussed in RestoreNC’s recent profile of Rep. Julia Howard (R-79 Forsyth).