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Lobbyist out, insider in. Young Republican Kyle Hall elevated to the NC House

By John Sanford Friedrich

Fashion statement aside, bowties have become like a Masonic handshake for young Republicans.  Kyle Hall, incoming representative of the 91st district, fits the look to a tee. He is now the youngest representative in the General Assembly, at age 25 when many a lad is working in a coffeeshop to pay back student loans.

Sell off Correction Enterprises, and pour small shots with Sen. Rick Gunn

By John Sanford Friedrich

It is an odd day when the chairman of the Subcommittee on Real Property is a leading newsmaker.  As the calendar prepares to flip toward the 2016 session, studies continue to trickle in and outlines of next year’s priorities take hold like potted Christmas trees.

Christmas is never fun to spend in prison, and Sen. Rick Gunn (R-24 Alamance) is attempting to make it that much less fun.  His plans are not Grinchian, but merely as collateral damage to his main plan to sell off valuable downtown Raleigh property to private developers.

ALEC’s cheapskate Sen. Curtis to face tough primary challenge from possible moderate

By John Sanford Friedrich

“Fighting the anti-capitalistic and pro-socialism agenda of President Obama and the Democratic Party,” is the first goal of Senator David Curtis (R-44 Gaston).  This opponent of socialism first came to RestoreNC’s notice as he was one of a small handful of legislators to ask the taxpayers to subsidize their trip to ALEC’s conference in sunny San Diego.

Hypercompetitive seat opens on the coast as Rep. Tine steps down

By John Sanford Friedrich

"I've been a Democrat since I was 18 years old. I know I don't fit inside the Democrats right now," said Rep. Paul Tine last year after announcing his defection from the Democratic Party.

This is an almost commonplace phrase used for party defectors.  Former Florida governor and former Republican Charlie Crist used much the same defense of his choice to run as a Democrat.

From caterer to Appropriations to the Tillis team, background on outgoing Rep. Brian Brown

By John Sanford Friedrich

At 35 years of age, Brian Brown has had a meteoric rise to state level power.  As owner of a catering company with involvement in civic groups such as the Rotary and St. Peter Catholic Church but without a background in politics, Brown narrowly defeated incumbent Democrat Marian McLawhorn in 2012.

He resigned on Oct 6 to serve as Senator Tillis’ pointman for eastern North Carolina.

By John Sanford Friedrich

Representative David Lewis Sr. (R-53 Harnett) knows a thing or two about low voter turnout.  While he cruised to victory in 2012 by over 10 percent, this statistic may be misleading.  He won by 4,000 votes out of a lackluster total voting public of 30,000 people.  In 2010 total participation barely scraped against 20,000. 

July 2014