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Senator Jerry Tillman, a core insider hating what he’s inside of

By John Sanford Friedrich

There may well be a few Marxists sullenly taking notes inside the MBA programs of our country.  It is just as odd to study education at a graduate level only to end up being the champion of dismantling the professional nature of education in North Carolina.

UNC-Greensboro, formerly the N.C. Women’s College, is well regarded for having a strong education program for over a century.  Senator Jerry Tillman (R-29 Randolph) once studied there many years ago when he was a younger man and there learned the state of the art of the profession.

Smoke your smokes and fire your homosexuals says Congressman Robert Pittenger

By John Sanford Friedrich

“You need to respect the autonomy of somebody running their business,” said Congressman Robert Pittenger (R-09 Mecklenburg).

“It’s like smoking bans. Do you ban smoking or do people have the right to private property? I think people have the right to private property. In public spaces, absolutely, we can have smoking bans. But we don’t want to micromanage people’s lives and businesses. If you have a business, do you want the government to come in and tell you [that] you need to hire somebody? Why should government be there to impose on the freedoms we enjoy?”

There is a certain free market argument for the allowing of smoking in private establishments.  Indeed the act of smoking in bars or restaurants with owners who consented to the practice was the law of North Carolina from colonial administration until Jan. 2 2010.

Smoking in semi-public may hold up for an intellectual argument even as it does lose on epidemiological grounds.  How is it that Congressman Pittenger likens this issue to the ability to fire LGBT employees or openly inform them they will never receive a promotion?

By John Sanford Friedrich

Representative David Lewis Sr. (R-53 Harnett) knows a thing or two about low voter turnout.  While he cruised to victory in 2012 by over 10 percent, this statistic may be misleading.  He won by 4,000 votes out of a lackluster total voting public of 30,000 people.  In 2010 total participation barely scraped against 20,000. 

July 2014