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Murdering that turkey leg with guns at the State Fair

Murdering that turkey leg with guns at the State Fair

By John Sanford Friedrich

As summer finally starts to set in, it is easy to understand that few of us are planning for the crisp nights of autumn, otherwise known as ‘pumpkin spice latte season.’  Conservative heartthrob Rep. Justin Burr (R-67 Stanly) is hard at work preparing us for being robbed at gunpoint at the state fair – by allowing us all to go armed to the teeth.

"I'm not sure why you should be forced to leave your gun in your car, and then walk down a dark road to go back to your car with the potential of being robbed by someone," mused the young representative who made waves for seeking the speakership last year. Recently he was on Restore NC for loosening training requirements for bail bondsmen, his family’s trade.

Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler said in September 2014 a "mix of kids, guns, rides and large crowds is a bad idea."  Troxler, a Republican whose family owns land in Guilford County, won election in 2004 when the state government was firmly in Democratic control.  While he is a Republican he is not of the puritanical waves in 2010 and 2012.

HB562 would allow those with concealed carry permits to bring them into the teeming mass of celebrants and competition livestock. Superior Court Judge Donald Stephens had last year ruled against this proposal.  HB562 would correct that opinion by making it law.

Three people were robbed at gunpoint leaving last year’s fair in a single incident.  The suspects were later apprehended by law enforcement.  Perhaps paying $7.25 per hour to extra parking lot attendants would in the end be cheaper than dealing with the medical costs of a firefight in which the criminal, victim or stray passerby is gunned down.

Even more outlandishly, the bill would allow district attorneys to carry concealed pistols into the courtroom.  DA’s consider themselves law enforcement and the position can be a major stepping stone to higher office for aspirants around Burr’s age.  He may well make some allies among conservatives of that station.  How it helps ensure order in the courtroom is harder to discern as there is always an armed bailiff and no doubt extra security at a judge’s discretion.

The “guns in court and Ferris wheel” bill is currently in Appropriations following a favorable report from the subcommittee. So called ‘turkey legs’ are typically made of compressed meats glued together, rather as appetizing on a day of wholesome excess as this bill.

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