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Hurricane Matthew exposes Gov. McCrory's negligence

Hurricane Matthew exposes Gov. McCrory's negligence

As reports of widespread destruction due to Hurricane Matthew continue to increase, it is worth remembering that our Governor, Pat McCrory, decided to pull $500,000 from North Carolina's disaster relief fund back in August in order to defend his implementation of the discriminatory House Bill 2.

As I write you, North Carolinians are still stranded in flooded areas with no electricity and scarce resources. Share this with your friends and loved ones so that they are aware come November of our governor's negligence.

It is apparent that McCrory believes protecting these people comes second to protecting HB2. He says that HB2 keeps North Carolinians safe and he's wrong.

HB2 has weakened our economy and our ability to react in times of crisis. Let it be known that Pat McCrory is directly responsible for this and should be held accountable.

Consider donating to the many organizations who are working tirelessly to provide relief to people affected by Hurricane Matthew.

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Hurricane Matthew exposes Gov. McCrory's negligence Emerson

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