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NC Senate District 19

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Wesley A. Meredith (Rep)
Dem Performance Avg 2012 Dem Presidential Performance Avg 2008 & 2012 Dem Governor Performance Avg 2008 & 2012
5.45 0.31 3.91

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NC Senate District 19

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Ran and Lost in 2014


Obama carried the district by a slim margin in '12. Incumbent Sen. Wesley Meredith looks vulnerable according to that September PPP poll.

Here's a quick take on what Jensen thinks the polling shows:

Senate District 19, Wesley Meredith, Fayetteville: A generic Democrat up 7 percentage points against the two-term lawmaker even in the only district a Republican held in the state Senate that Barack Obama won in 2012.

"Taken dirty to a whole new level"

That's what CNN pundit Anderson Cooper said about Wesley Meredith's recent ad

Vulnerable - narrow 2010 victory, Cumberland has been Dem-friendly in the past