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NC Senate District 1

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Bill Cook (Rep)
Brownie Futrell (Dem)
Dem Performance Avg 2012 Dem Presidential Performance Avg 2008 & 2012 Dem Governor Performance Avg 2008 & 2012
-5.22 -11.13 0.18

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NC Senate District 1

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ran for SD-01 in 2014


Senate Bill 667: This is the bill that would prohibit parents from taking the dependency deduction for their children if they register to vote in a district different than that of their parents. It's a pretty obvious ploy to make it more difficult for college students to register to vote. The bill's sponsor, Bill Cook, is defending what amounts to a poll tax by arguing that college students "don't pay squat in taxes" where they go to school. 

Cook adds that students have "no skin" in local elections and often "skew" results--i.e., vote in a way that Cook doesn't like. Again, it's hard to know where to start with these issues, but it's telling that this crowd feels the need to restrict younger voters in order to keep on winning elections.

Here's a quick take on what Jensen thinks the polling shows:

Senate District 1, Bill Cook, Chocowinty: This coastal district as the closest race in the state in 2012 and its a dead heat again with McCrory slightly more unpopular here compared to the rest of the state

PPP Poll Sept 25th, 2013:

Do you approve or disapprove of State Senator Bill Cook's job performance?
  • 22% Approve
  • 37%Disapprove
  • 41%Not sure

Highly vulnerable - in blue area of state, only won by 21 last time around.