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About Us

It started with beer. And a few drinking buddies. And an unquenchable sense of discontent.

The 2010 redistricting combined with the 2012 elections have flooded special interest group contributions and PAC funding into our state, and as a result, we've lost the ability to really hear North Carolinians. Restore NC is an attempt to bring back the strength of voices at home. If you're looking for a way to jump in to pull North Carolina back from the path it's headed down, then join us. Pitch in to support your Senate and House district races, and congressional races, and we'll let you know when a challenger pops up. Signing up here will let people mulling over a potential bid for office know that they've already got the foundation for a winning campaign: dedicated supporters. You can also send in tips when you hear any news about representatives, senators, or races.

At its core, Restore NC isn't just about restoring seats. It's about banding together to bring our state out of the trenches of a sullied reputation and outrageous representation. Everyone who's associated with this site has a long history with North Carolina. If we haven't spent our whole lives here, we've gone to school here, or settled our families here. We were proud of this state's politics once, not so long ago. And we saw it crumble. It's a scary sight, watching a political system long considered progressive and fair in the often politically-sidelined American South turn to dust in a matter of a few years. So we're going to change the state of this state.

Join us, won't you?

Care About This State?

If you care about the elections in North Carolina, please get involved! We'll help you ensure we have decent candidates and fair elections.